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  3. About time for another (probably) broken champ concept. :^)

User Info: RJ1771

10 months ago#1
Mentok, the Mind Taker

Utility Support.

Passive: Mind Taking

Functions like Kindred's passive in that he gets a toolbar that can be used to target enemy champs, only one champ at a time, cooldown on switching is 2 minutes or if the target dies.

Mentok can see the target champion's cooldowns.

Q: Spellsteal.
Mentok removes a shield/buff (including spell shield, red, blue, baron, and elder) from target enemy, chosen randomly in case target has multiple buffs. Q can be recast within 3 seconds to apply the stolen spell to an ally. Each level reduces cooldown and increases duration of the buff.

W: Counterspell
Mentok adds 10/15/20/25/30 seconds to the cooldown of the last spell/ability target enemy champ used. Can only be used on the target if they currently have a spell on cooldown.

E: Drain Mana
Like Stick's W...but with MP instead of HP. Each lvl increases the amount drained.

R: Mass Dispel
Mentok channels for 3 seconds before removing all buffs (shields, red, blue, baron, elder, item, ability, Taric ult...every thing) from all enemies in target area. Each rank increases width of area and decreases cooldown.


Have at it! :^)

User Info: Ridelwofr

10 months ago#2



And Broken

User Info: ImTheLoneWolf

10 months ago#3

Does no damage and has no way of surviving lane though.

User Info: 8420

10 months ago#4
"You. Yeah, you. You don't get to play League of Legends Today": The Champion.
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User Info: Exterminateer

10 months ago#5
Too focused on gigantic amounts of anti fun abilities with apparently no dmg.

Also removing elder or baron is a bit too extreme
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User Info: -Hydreigon-

10 months ago#6
>Utility support

Please. People would run this guy top, build tanky AD, and be the most unfun laner in the world, because you would never have moves or mana
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User Info: Chipotlesauce

10 months ago#7
How about a champ were all the damage is in one button but it's a mid range skill shot so it's risky to use and the opponent can dodge it negating the damage. Also the ability is on a 2 second cooldown.
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User Info: flamepillar

9 months ago#8
Am I misreading the ult or does it actually remove all the enemies items?

User Info: RJ1771

9 months ago#9
flamepillar posted...
Am I misreading the ult or does it actually remove all the enemies items?

Any buffs provided by items (Righteous Glory speed, Locket shield, Stoneplate super HP buff, Zhonya's stasis, etc).
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  3. About time for another (probably) broken champ concept. :^)
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