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User Info: The_Weird_Gamer

6 months ago#1
Why is the meta always bruisers and tanks (with exceptions obv) and what danger would it be to diversify? I see the occasional Quinn or Teemo, but I personally rarely see anything else.

Like, in bot lane, if you don't play a poke champion like an adc, you're probably going to get bullied hardcore; that makes sense why you need to usually pick certain champions.

In mid lane, you are usually fighting bursty mages, assassins, or Yasuo, but you never know which one.

In the jungle, you generally pick champs with a wave clear, CC, or a great engage.

But top? What's stopping me from picking Anivia or Thresh or Kalista? chances are that they will be picking a bruiser/tank whose gap closer has a safe cooldown. As long as I can expect that and know how to not get tanked down at level 2, what is the reason I couldn't? Legit wondering bc i'm a noob

User Info: FreshSushi

6 months ago#2
More well rounded team comp. Usually means a fat that can tank/engage or someone who can split push or both.
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User Info: Gangryong

6 months ago#3
Rumble, Kennen, Yasuo, Vlad, Talon, Gangplank, Akali


Also, Kalista needs to be linked to someone close or her atk speed is trash. If you pick her top, you're trolling.

You can pick cancer like Anivia, Karthus, Malzahar top. But remember this: the moment you're low mana, the enemy bruiser builds 1-2 MR items, or Enemy jungler camps your lane, you're dead. Dive or not.

If you want to pick mage top, yasuo adc, ADC sup, go ahead. Will it work? Maybe.
Is it optimal? No.
Will you be reported? Yes.
Does it matter? No.
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User Info: aHappySacka

6 months ago#4
You can pick good solo mages like Lissandra, and Ryze as well as fighters like Fiora, Riven, and the dreaded Yasuo, the only thing stopping you is being bad.
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User Info: DT Pro

DT Pro
6 months ago#5
I've played against all of those top lane. You get them from time to time. The problem is it's a long lane and it's solo, so if you get caught out of position you can get punished pretty hard. If I'm a bruiser vs. a mage it's a rough time usually for a couple levels. Then I will buy appropriate items, get them overextended, then just all in and kill. Now I can do whatever I want with the lane and if you try to contest you will just die again because of the long lane.

What you do gain in non-meta matchups, especially in lower ranked games, is often times your opponent won't know how to play the matchup. You can abuse this especially early and get a lead, then snowball that to the rest of your team.
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User Info: LePetitLoup

6 months ago#6
I did Twitch top and Kassadin top before. It's not "optimal" but hey, it's fun so why not? Just do what you want really.

User Info: Motarcanus

6 months ago#7
The_Weird_Gamer posted...
Why is the meta always bruisers and tanks (with exceptions obv) and what danger would it be to diversify? I see the occasional Quinn or Teemo, but I personally rarely see anything else.

Legit wondering bc i'm a noob

Team composition matters - a player can cite the desire 'to pick whatever they want' for the sake of fun, but that ignores the importance of having a complete and synergistic team comp, and a pick based solely on what one 'feels like playing' can contribute significantly to a game loss. League is a team game, most players want to win, so one needs to pay attention to team composition when choosing your champion.

Top lane traditionally held a tank for two reasons: 1) in the past, the bottom of the map was much more important than the top of the map because of dragon -> teams put their duo lane bottom for this reason, and junglers played bot side heavily to make sure they would take or not lose dragon. That meant the top laner needed to be able to survive 1v1 (or 1v2 if they got ganked) early game-> so tanky champs were best. 2) Teams benefit from team-fight initiation - a tank with initiation in their kit is a great choice, and since top lane champs were typically tanky, this became the 'default best top role'.

Note that not all 'meta top lane champs' are tanks. But if you watch pro teams, they will often in those cases bring a 'tank' (and often a tanky initiator) elsewhere (usually jungle or support). Also, some top initiators are great teamfight initators, but not tanks, but still can survive in the remote top lane (e.g. Kennen).

It's interesting to me that Rift Herald hasn't changed the role meta. I think dragons are still more important, but I think for some team comps (e.g. Siege comps, with long ranged champs) would value rift more, and thus would put the duo lane on top. I even think Rift may be better in low elo, since most of the bad players do not focus on objectives, and Rift kinda forces the issue.

If you are first pick top, I think it's okay for you to pick what you want: theoretically, the later jungle and/or support picks should see what the team needs and choose a tank for the team. But if you are late or last pick top lane, and you see four squishies and no initiation among your teammates, you should pick a tank with initiation; and if you don't, don't be surprised when your team loses because nobody on the team can start a fight.

User Info: Skystrike70

6 months ago#8
Top lane is just where melee's go. So, that means basically just bruisers tanks and fighters, plus whoever else (like vlad or swain) is strong enough to fight them. You get stuff like Quinn, but again because she is a strong enough duelist. You don't get weak laning adc's or mids because they will get destroyed by the superior laning and intense kill strategy, and general lack of jg control of top lane.
recently however, too many people have focused on picking counterpicks, that has now shifted the meta almost entirely to ranged BS, making life hell for any melee bruiser or non sustain tank.

What danger is it to diversify? Well, you end up with less durable teamcomp and you have fewer duel-capable characters. Most duelists/tanks are able to function as a one man army to stop a splitpusher or go somewhere on their own. Ziggs is not doing any of that anytime soon. However, that's still cancerous to vs in lane and I hate people who do that.
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User Info: LikesToCry

6 months ago#9
The meta is bruisers?

User Info: Soljah

6 months ago#10
i used to go top swain all the time. play what u like?

I do all sorts of fun roles
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