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User Info: alcaPWNED212

3 months ago#1
Is it possible to choose what side of the enemy champion you want to ult? I assumed it was a targeted ult but I've seen people blink to an enemy champ on a side of them that was just outside of tower range, I assume on purpose. Is it like kat E where it is targeted but in an AoE around the champs model?
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User Info: Gangryong

3 months ago#2
Put the mouse pointer on the side you want.
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User Info: alcaPWNED212

3 months ago#3
Gangryong posted...
Put the mouse pointer on the side you want.

ok so R but the mouse on where I want to blink to? I'll try this in practice tool when I get home
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User Info: YoukaiSlayer

3 months ago#4
His ult automatically puts him out of tower range if it can.
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User Info: typhone004

3 months ago#5
When you ult as yasuo, you're targeting a single champion. Your ult will put you behind your target by default, but will ignore this rule if behind your target is in turret range and will place you outside the turret range instead (not for the nexus obelisk).

Champions near your target who are also airborne will be knocked up as well, but you still are targeting only a single one of those airborne champions. It's important to know which champion you are targeting because they are the one that determines the position of yasuo after ulting. There's no influence like "my cursor was on the left of the champion, so I ulted his left side" at all. Some people just think that because when their cursor is on the left of a group of airborne champions, they ult the left most one.

Also there's a little bug right now that causes yasuo to be placed in front of his target but just barely inside turret range (and you will take a tower shot). Last I checked it was not known whether this was because the game thought it could place you outside turret range but it couldn't, or if it could place you outside of turret range and missed by a few units.
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User Info: 8420

3 months ago#6
Yasuo's ult drops tower aggro until he deals the actual damage from it, btw.
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