Is Illaoi S Tier yet?

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User Info: Gainazzo

7 months ago#11
Strongest she's ever been

User Info: imnotamonkey

7 months ago#12
Illaoi straight up murder hentaid miss fortune (an adc) meaning she is god tier

User Info: bossvinny

7 months ago#13
she destroys ornn in lane, and ornn never lose lane
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User Info: FreshSushi

7 months ago#14
who cares about top
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User Info: Kelly14

7 months ago#15
FreshSushi posted...
who cares about top

Not Riot, or any jungler.

User Info: kkeevv

7 months ago#16
GujinKami posted...
HipsterSora posted...
depends how low elo you are lol

Last time I played I was challenger.

I definitely believe this.
LoL IGN: Tsarius B.Net: Tsarius#1758
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  3. Is Illaoi S Tier yet?

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