I love seeing SKT and TSM lose

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  3. I love seeing SKT and TSM lose

User Info: DiamondAhri

4 months ago#1
its so cathartic

User Info: KRDsonic

4 months ago#2
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User Info: MachDragon

4 months ago#3
why do low effort toke jopics like this get archived while my work gets blammed on day 3

User Info: RJ1771

4 months ago#4

User Info: CrowsB4Hoes

4 months ago#5
you'll love season 8 then because (spoiler) tsm will be garbage like they have been for the past 3+ years. and (spoiler #2) if they somehow make worlds, in this highly competitive, definitely strong region we call NA, they get ravaged in groups as usual.

when is NA going to make a team worth talking about?
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User Info: MarryMeLebIanc

4 months ago#6
RJ1771 posted...

This is 9gag tier.
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  3. I love seeing SKT and TSM lose

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