LoL quotes you should never say in bed.

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User Info: lalelulelosop

4 months ago#1
Cliff hang me , the homepage of the internet

User Info: Solhdier

4 months ago#2
You belong in a museum.
Mexican ? Block

User Info: OldestSeal

4 months ago#3
It's sticky so you don't drop it.

User Info: AldousIsDead

4 months ago#4
Eugh... whale breath...
In simplicity, utility. Through utility, simplicity.

User Info: 8420

4 months ago#5
"I suggest you run... I want to savor this."
Wishing things were different is a great way to torture yourself.
"Don't worry fam, quitting LoL is easy, I've done it at least 10 times." -RJ1771

User Info: Asheki

4 months ago#6
Hi! My friend Tibbers wants to meet you...
-Memento Mori is a latin phrase that can be freely translated as 'remember you are mortal' 'remember you will die'.
-Cogito Ergo Sum, Je pense, donc je suis.

User Info: Kaname_Madoka

4 months ago#7
Let's count to 5!
Drawn for me: Volkswagen_Bros, ShinobiNinjaX, Popcorn_Fairy + Nayr626.
League Summoner Name: DontIoseYourWay (the I is an i)

User Info: sahilmohammad

4 months ago#8
face the wind
"I wouldn't just call the police, I would call the police."-SomeLikeItHoth

User Info: Cartwheel_Kick

4 months ago#9
"I hope you still think that's funny when I slit your throat."

"That antique of yours is quite poor at close range."

"Pay attention, boy. Maybe next time you'll get it right."
dude, you NEVER tell people about the girl you're banging. that's the fastest way to unbang her. -Steve Nick

User Info: profzX

4 months ago#10
"Dante truly is, he fights demons. Only nerds do that, real heroes fight bullies" - PStrife
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