Not a complaint topic but when do I trade with Riven?

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User Info: 8420

4 months ago#21
When she Q's to you, walk away. Now that she used all 3 of her Q's to gapclose to you, you beat the crap out of her and win every trade because she doesn't have the bulk of her damage and can't autoattack reset. A common mistake I see playing vs Riven: Do not be afraid to trade back after she uses her Q's! That like not kiting out a Darius after he's missed his pull; Punish them!
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User Info: BurritoGod

4 months ago#22
MK9_Prodigy posted...
BurritoGod posted...
Ok I've set up a Riven "smurf" so I play her a ton. With the new runes and masteries she can only get 5% CDR at the start of the game and a lot of Riven players don't even get that. So her cooldowns are actually really long compared to last season where 10% CDR runes were mandatory. If she wastes her E going in on you then you can trade back. If she used 2 Q's trying to gapclose you'll do more damage to her than her to you. Also if she does use all of her Q's trading and you have a gapcloser or something like Darius's pull then trade back after she tries to E away. Riven wants short trades and can't really all in anybody until level 6 unless she already poked them down a ton.

For example, say I'm Riven and I'm smart enough to not use Q to gapclose but I'm against Skystrikes Tryndamere. I would walk up to him, quick combo with my Q's, W, and E away. A lesser player might just back away because they took a lot of damage but skystrike knows that my abilities are all on cooldown for at LEAST 6 seconds (probably 9 for most of them) and he spins into me using his slow as well. At this point all I can do is auto back and he outtrades me easily since my damage comes from abilities and empowered autos.

To whoever said pick a tank you are dead wrong. After first back she probably can't trade very well with you anymore but when I play her I get vampiric scepter so I can heal back up if I do trade and then rush black cleaver. After Riven builds black cleaver and MAYBE has to build deaths dance she can easily kill any tank, will splitpush, and kill your whole backline in a flank making her more useful than you. Remember kids, Riven scales harder than you do.

TL;DR Riven had longer cooldowns than last season and loses a lot of long trades if you can force them.

Don't listen to any of this btw

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User Info: shokan_warrior

4 months ago#23
What these rebellious, moody women want is a tough man to dominate her so play that way NEVER let her trade for free and you win
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User Info: ImTryingPlsHelp

4 months ago#24
twfanatic posted...
play a manly champ, trade into her, hit her as long as you can if she's just poking you. keep at solid distance from her and be reactive. depends on who you're playing, there are champs who can beat her in lane. alternatively play a tank, play passively, then stack armor and take no damage from her as you proceed to be more useful in teamfights with 0 brain output.

Besides tanks who can beat her in lane? I've tried Kennen but I'm dead if she ever gets on me, though I guess that applies to all ranged vs melee matchups lol

User Info: YoukaiSlayer

4 months ago#25
Jayce beats everyone in lane so jayce.
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User Info: TheSaintG

4 months ago#26
i think the basic thing about riven is you dont trade with her because q3 w and e means she got free damage on you with no resources.

the worst thing is facing riven with electrocute or phase rush. phase rush is annoying because in lane you wont be able to trade with her unless she makes a mistake. electrocute means if you do trade with her she already bursts. outside of heavy lane bullies like renekton and jayce idk who can trade with phase rush riven.
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User Info: YoukaiSlayer

4 months ago#27
Huh, phase rush sounds fun but it seems like it would really fall off in teamfights where riven is basically a flash reliant assassin and electrocute just works so well.
I'm ninja
(you can't see me)

User Info: profzX

4 months ago#28
Phase rush isnt even in her top 5 most used keystones
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User Info: Brandon_Jacobs

4 months ago#29
Pick a manly champ and kill Riven?

User Info: 8420

4 months ago#30
People seem to forget Riven is an autoattack-based champion. If they're not autoing, they're not doing damage to you. Pick Teemo and Jax and use their blind/counterstrike to block autos and win every trade. Or pick Pantheon if you have little to no self-respect.
Wishing things were different is a great way to torture yourself.
"Don't worry fam, quitting LoL is easy, I've done it at least 10 times." -RJ1771
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