How is Warwick as a top laner?

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User Info: Absol_Addict

7 months ago#1
What builds and keystones would be great? Tank, bruiser, or assasin? Is ap we still viable? Ghost over flash?
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User Info: HipsterSora

7 months ago#2
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User Info: OldestSeal

7 months ago#3
HipsterSora posted...


What you want is build half tank half bruiser with Wit's End and such. A variation of Hydra item be it titanic (if build all tank + Hydra) or Raven (if build half half) can help in lane a lot for wave clear and such.
Warwick is good for me but some matchups make you cry. Before 6 you can cheese people with Ignite and your lifesteal. Q for a chunk of HP back but be careful. After 6 you can win a lot matchups and even bait bad jungle for double kill. Use ult wise and if things get bone you use it to escape.
So the rune I use sometimes it's the Predator because after first tower goes I roam and also for quick getting back to lane with no Teleport.
Also using Press Attack because reminds me of Fervor of Battle. It worse but it does work sometime.
So for me these are my main runes.

You can also go full lifesteal for lols and get a bit creative with his builds. I sometimes do Visage + Frozen Heart then full on hit or atk speed and it gets fun. Not ideal but if you like Warwick you can have fun with top lane as much as jungle.

For me it's a cool champion and I want to become a Warwick main some day. That's why I try my best in top lane too. Boring lane since I do ADC a lot but it helps relax my nerve.

User Info: Skystrike70

7 months ago#4
It's kind of okay if you go into a melee matchup, you have to have extended trades to win though since your sustain is your greatest asset.
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User Info: Sir_RaZZo

7 months ago#5
HipsterSora posted...

If tiamat had some sort AP on-hit upgrade, then I would agree.

WW top is good but not great. His biggest downside is being slow at pushing the lane and taking down turrets, which is why you should always be looking to rush tiamat and sheen (you can get two procs with your E) early to remedy this.

He doesn't have too many bad matchups. Olaf is a hard-counter and some ranged champions with dashes give him trouble as well (Lucian, Gnar). On the bright side, he does extremely well against tanks.
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