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User Info: Kelly14

4 months ago#11
Skystrike70 posted...
Kelly14 posted...
Your Snowdown Shop returns until January 8, 2018
Stock up on discounted champs and skins curated for you this Snowdown season, starting December 12, 2017 at 8:00 AM PT. Your Snowdown Shop features up to six unique champions or skins (excluding Legendary, Limited, Loot-exclusive, and Ultimate) released more than three months ago—all discounted at up to 70% off. Grab your favorites before doors close on January 8, 2018 at 11:59 PM PT

This is a worse snowdown than previous years.

Why do you say that, sir?

User Info: Kelly14

4 months ago#12
LittleDeathJr posted...

Put a gun in my mouth.

Ouch, that's rough. I imagine most of those were or should be vaulted lol

User Info: generalguy64

4 months ago#13

Already have Dragon Trainer, Riot Girl, and Bucaneer
Might get Bard
Already have Star Guardian and Elementalist
I only play Karma when she's broken. Early game bullies I'd rather play Zyra
It's Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii--
Already have Project, but I've only played him about once since the season started. I only play him when I'm salty that I didn't get mid and really don't care if we win or lose since I'm bad at him.
A battle between Goku and any Yugioh protagonist ends in an infinite plot armor loop.

User Info: SonicJetWave

4 months ago#14

Not bad overall

Malz being 60% would have made this so much better but I already own Snowday so it's w/e. Can't complain as a whole

User Info: KajeI

4 months ago#15
Pentakill Yorick 40%. (Already have Undertaker, no interest.)
Kayn release skin 40%. (It's alright, but i'm satisfied with his default and i'm sure he'll get better ones in the future.)
Butcher Urgot 20%. (Already have Battlecast, only other one i'd even consider is the crab.)
Ornn release skin 30%. (I like it a lot, definitely more than his default.)
Dragonslayer Xin 70%. (Very cool and a good price but i already have Warring Kingdoms.)
Temple Jax 70%. (Already have and prefer Vandal Jax.)

3 skins i'd buy, 3 i wouldn't. Not bad, shame i'm not buying RP unless Riot releases an absolutely exceptional skin in the future.
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User Info: imnot12

4 months ago#16
KajeI posted...
Butcher Urgot

this one isnt even available anymore

User Info: AHRaven

4 months ago#17
Undertaker Yorick - 40% - Not big on any of Yorick's skins to be honest
Ghost Bride Morgana - 70% - Already own Blackthorn
Soul Hunter Kayn - 50% - Don't play Kayn
Void Bringer Illaoi - 70% - Maybe. I rarely play Illaoi but she is fun and the price is decent
Battle Boss Malzahar - 30% - Not really interested at that little of a discount
Dragonslayer Xin Zhao - 60% - 'kay Riot, you win this time
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User Info: CraiCrushna

4 months ago#18
All garbage. 4 50% and 1 30#. Garbage skins for garbage game.

User Info: audriuska12

4 months ago#19
50% off Battle Boss Blitzcrank (superb offer, I'd say!)
60% off Urf Kench (I don't really have a high opinion of any Tahm skin)
50% off Academy Vladimir (Blood Lord/Soulstealer might have been tempting. This is not.)
20% off Spooky Gangplank (Might've considered grabbing it at a 50%, but not worth buying RP for.)
20% off Sinful Succulence Morgana (One of the two Morg skins I don't have - and not even close to being worth the price tag.)
60% off Soul Hunter Kayn - Not bad, but still not buying RP.
So, short version: Nothing for the amount of money I care to spare/
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Don't know, don't care.

User Info: PokemonYoutube

4 months ago#20
LittleDeathJr posted...

Put a gun in my mouth.

Steel Legion Garen is alright. But good lord, the rest is horrendous.
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