ITT: Champions as busted as Kat

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User Info: Bendetto

4 months ago#11

User Info: Loui5planks

4 months ago#12
HamJabroni posted...

Top is such a boring lane tho...
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User Info: SpunkySix

4 months ago#13
Busted, or busty?
Gregg rulz OK
(message deleted)

User Info: Zanaki

4 months ago#15
Sona, Miss Fortune, Syndra... :^)
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User Info: RJ1771

4 months ago#16
If you listen to this board, then literally every champion in the game is as busted as Kat.

Here's the conundrum, though...if all champs are broken/OP, doesn't that therefor mean that the playing field is level and thus no champs are broken/OP?

No, no...surely that can't be the case...because if that were the case then people would have to start accepting that it's not the champs they suck against that are broken, it's just the simple fact that they're actually bad at this game. Heaven forbid! We surely can't have people going around thinking that they might actually need to get better at the game to play against the champs that stomp them!

QUICK! Someone make another "Akali's broken and needs to be deleted" topic!!!

User Info: MK9_Prodigy

4 months ago#17

User Info: trollsbane17

4 months ago#18
any assassin not named talon, because he cant have nice things
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User Info: slaighMaccooper

4 months ago#19
I'm actually genuinely curious why she is resourcless. Or why any champion is resourcless without some gimmick attached to it like Renekton or Gnar.
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