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User Info: Karcinos

5 months ago#31
KajeI posted...
Skystrike70 posted...
KajeI posted...
I wonder what 950 MS equates to in MPH.

im no game theory guy BUT...

950 MS translates to 950 units/second. A teemo is 100 units. Therefore 950 MS is 9.5 teemos/second.

According to reddit ( theydidthemath/comments/29nlg2/the_size_of_the_map_in_league_of_legends/ {I inserted a space after /r/ to make it fit}) there are 1.16 teemos in a meter. 9.5 teemos is therefore about 8.19 meters, giving us 8.19 meters/second. Multiply this by 3600 and we get 29483 meters/hour, or 29.483 kilometers/hour. In Imperial units, at the ratio of 1.609 km/mi, it is equal to 18.32 mi/hr.

That's some nerdy s***. Thanks. Guess i get to run at 18.32 miles an hour for approx 7 seconds or however long Sion's ult lasts.

Also TC, is your name a reference to the mythological crab?

Oh yes XD
Reaching for the liquor - liquid courage is my pride,
Time is never wasted when you're wasted all the time.

User Info: OldestSeal

5 months ago#32
Warwick makes me fly into a bus. Wheeeee! 🤣
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