How will they nerf Zoe?

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User Info: Metal Gear Raxis

Metal Gear Raxis
4 months ago#21
They need to seriously curtail the RNG on her W and probably remove some of the bits and pieces of her E, the skill has WAY too many moving parts to it.

Also she shouldn't get a smite-by-smite update on where the enemy jungle is, that was such s*** thinking on Riot's part.
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User Info: x_Paradise

4 months ago#22
Remove the CD reduction from her E for hitting a champ. Not necessary at all.

Other than that, she's fine.

User Info: T-Viral-X

4 months ago#23
Make drowsy act like Twitch invis. Performing attacks on something delays the sleep up to a cap.

User Info: GreatWhiteNorth

4 months ago#24
Personally I'm hoping they don't' touch her for at least a month. Let that "new car smell" wear off before they do anything too rash.

Zoe isn't so broken that she's insta-locked every game like Ekko was until his first wave of nerfs. And we certainly don't want another Yasuo on our hands.. On release he had a rock bottom win rate, as people at all elos spammed the heck out of him and many fed hard, but the people who WERE really good at him carried the heck outta games! So when Rito buffed him up, the good Yas's became juggernauts!; And as more people got good with him he became a major problem. It took the rest of the season to get him in a good place.

Illaoi was similar. On release people just kept trying to dog pile on her when she ulted; and since they couldn't kill her? They cried OP and demanded nerfs IMMEDIATLY! Two weeks went by and people learned how to play against her; then they realised "Hey, squid girl kinda sucks..."

That all said, There are a couple of nerfs I think would be fair at this point, and none of them are hard numbers.

1) The trap time on her E should be MUCH shorter. It's kind of similar to how I feel about windwall, It should be an outplay tool, not an outplay + zoning tool.

2) Minions should NOT drop certain spells before 15 Mins. Specifically teleport, redemption and ignite. I've seen first hand how bonkers these can be early! I've picked up a double assist at 5 mins by "ganking" bot lane with a redemption active from the max distance; Gotten first blood from a triple ignite at lvl 3; And TP is free early shopping, nuff said. :P
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User Info: Towa4life

4 months ago#25
and very soon zoe will have trash AP ratios,like Ahri and orianna

User Info: CrowsB4Hoes

4 months ago#26
nerf sleep

nerf whatever button deletes 80% of your hp for no reason

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User Info: CrowsB4Hoes

4 months ago#27
Towa4life posted...
and very soon zoe will have trash AP ratios,like Ahri and orianna

orianna is tier regardless of her ap ratios. if her "trash" ap ratios have made her s tier for the last few years then maybe they arent actually trash
2017 GameFAQS LoL 1v1 tournament winner

User Info: Megeas

4 months ago#28
Really I think they will just increase early cooldown timers. Make it so when she does miss a spell that she is punished for it harder.

User Info: YorickvsRiven

4 months ago#29
Towa4life posted...
and very soon zoe will have trash AP ratios,like Ahri and orianna

Are you kidding? All Ori's abilities are aoe, easy af to hit, have nonexistent CDs and have good ratios. Her only 'low' ratio is on her Q but did you ever consider maybe that's coz it has a 0 sec CD?

User Info: trollsbane17

4 months ago#30
Wolfie_Claws posted...
xoAxelox posted...
why would they nerf that?

thats not zoe's issue right now. her issue is that E into R-Q almost kills you every time.

if they change something about minion summs it should be that all hextech items dont drop until like 15 minutes or something though. gunblade at 5 min is pretty stupid

For some reason i don't think they'll nerf that aspect of her. Maybe some indirect nerf like increased ult cooldown. People still need to learn how to play vs her. No one is really trying to block Q's for their teammates, and midlaners aren't taking cleanse or building mr vs her. It's easy to say that she's OP now, but i feel like she'll feel more balanced when everyone knows how she work and how to play around her.

Minions dropping TP or Gunblade at 5 mins is stupid though, and is just pure RNG. That needs to be changed

but the thing is, who is gonna block are q when it takes half your health without a bubble, and thats assuming your not 1v1ing her like you are most of the time in lane. i honestly dont mind the rng that her w makes since, without it her w would be kinda underpowered untill later in the game. it also doesnt help that rito forgot to give us some mr buffs since everyone took mr runes and that helped alot.
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