WTH happened to junglers

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User Info: donotwant

5 months ago#1
Is it just because I am levelling my alt? Currently 16 and in the spirits of trying to get better I am not jungling anymore because it didnt exactly help me climb with my old account.

Every. Single. Game. I get some off color picks, which is alright in the hands of someone good... but my last games I had players take champs like poopy and garen JG and it ended badly... did people forget how to jungle or something?
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User Info: madcat7673

5 months ago#2
I do not support heterosexuality in any way.

User Info: profzX

5 months ago#3
"Dante truly is, he fights demons. Only nerds do that, real heroes fight bullies" - PStrife

User Info: baltoboulbobbi

5 months ago#4
Not changing this sign until Vladimir and Anivia gets nerfed, started 28 sep 2017

User Info: Melvinrules

5 months ago#5
I've noticed teemo jungle has been making a come back recently

User Info: CrowsB4Hoes

5 months ago#6
donotwant posted...
did people forget how to jungle or something?

oh believe me. they never learned in the first place. trust me.
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User Info: TomorrowDog

5 months ago#7
max kek
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