gut me I don't deserve this

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User Info: MageGuyInfinity

3 months ago#1
Do not support the racism that is Resident Evil 5

User Info: Jadezven

3 months ago#2
Im not going to gut you, Im going to put a red X on you and laugh as I kill you.

User Info: profzX

3 months ago#3
whats the problem?
"Dante truly is, he fights demons. Only nerds do that, real heroes fight bullies" - PStrife

User Info: Not_Endgame

3 months ago#4
forgive me sweet lord
Legitimately not Endgame
FC: 2680-9499-7448

User Info: bossvinny

3 months ago#5
swain finally not trash. say hello to ban phase.....mwhhahaha
Fc 117780215154 eevee
IGN: Bossvinny

User Info: GooberSD

3 months ago#6
Not_Endgame posted...
forgive me sweet lord

This was exceptional. Thank you.
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  3. gut me I don't deserve this

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