Lol Xin nerfs XD

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User Info: CrowsB4Hoes

5 months ago#21
supershadonic posted...
Yes I am no Plat or Diamond

Fooled me
2017 GameFAQS LoL 1v1 tournament winner

User Info: Zans_

5 months ago#22
Part of the reason is Xin is one of those stat check champions. When they're strong it's usually due to over tuned numbers and there's not much you can do to out play that besides being stronger. Stat check champs usually get nerfed whenever they end up strong.
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User Info: supershadonic

5 months ago#23
I am just mad why tons of champions go unchecked for Seasons.

A good example is Orianna... from Season 2 to Season 5, I've been seeing nothing but Orianna survive bursts due to her deceptively strong shield and turning countless matches with OOOOH SHOCKWAAAAAAVE every f***in Season.

And one other champ they don't care about gets good for 1 f***in patch, they nerf it instantly.

The entire balance game is clearly biased.

Pffff Galio Buffs :D Riot is a joke to me now.
Play not to win but to push yourself beyond your own limits and you'll eventually learn to rise above.

User Info: EcchiBaka

5 months ago#24
You're a joke.
"Does this make me royalty?" - Tristana

User Info: supershadonic

5 months ago#25
EcchiBaka posted...
You're a joke.

Play not to win but to push yourself beyond your own limits and you'll eventually learn to rise above.

User Info: Pogo_Marimo

5 months ago#26
Xin is really strong right now, maybe S-Tier. And he's been strong in jungle for a half dozen patches now, but he keeps getting stronger with the new patch changes. He needs to be taken down a step.

Lee Sin isn't particularly strong right now, but meta-monkey's for some reason are under the constant assumption that he is the strongest jungler every patch since he was released. I am not exaggerating about that. People mistake "Flashy and impactful individual play" with "Things that win games consistently".

User Info: metralo

5 months ago#27
bad players act like balance changes are bad because the people they play with are too bad to effectively use said champion

User Info: GundamXionaz

5 months ago#28
supershadonic posted...
SirFeed posted...
i cant tell if sarcastic or not
he has a dash
he has semi-invulnerability
Xin is definitely better then Lee at the moment and probably better then Kayn.

and yes hes one of the best jungles right now

A tagetted dash which you can't use for escapes unless there are monsters or minions. (My apologies, I did a typo and missed the word "skillshot" before dash. As in a dash you can use as an escape or chase even if you can't click on the enemy)
Semi invulnerability... not full. If you don't know how to kill a Xin inside his circle, you deserve to be destroyed.
Pfffff hell no. Not better than Lee and 1000% I gaurentee not better than Kayne of all people.

No he isn't one of the best jungle.

The best right now are Ezreal, Tristana, Lee, Kayne, Rengar, Kha Zix.

Those are some low elo jungles right there. You kidding me with posting Tristana, Lee, and Kaybe right?
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