Yorick is too strong and needs nerfs

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User Info: Bearacudda98

4 months ago#1
But ezreal is A-Okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Official Canadian of Gamefaqs....EH!!!
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User Info: 8420

4 months ago#2
Ikr, we should just dodge Yorick's Q. People need to git gud smh
Wishing things were different is a great way to torture yourself.
"Don't worry fam, quitting LoL is easy, I've done it at least 10 times." -RJ1771

User Info: YorickvsRiven

4 months ago#3
Notice how Ezreal, Trist, Xayah, Twitch, basically every ADC has been broken for months/years and Riot doesn't do anything about them, but the moment an AP champ or bruiser who wasn't already meta starts seeing the tiniest amount of play they get gutted immediately so that ADCs can keep 1v5ing. Balanced.

User Info: slaighMaccooper

4 months ago#4
Did Yorick poke his head out of the dirt? Has he been relevant since his rework before now outside of the few people that played him?

User Info: MachDragon

4 months ago#5
some people just don't appreciate all the work that goes into making a bouquet

User Info: ImTheKing

4 months ago#6
Something a Bronzie would say.
Dark Souls > Dark Souls 3 > Dark Souls 2

User Info: CrowsB4Hoes

4 months ago#7
delete every AD champ
2017 GameFAQS LoL 1v1 tournament winner

User Info: JMunkholm

4 months ago#8
CrowsB4Hoes posted...
delete every AD carry

I like this better :<
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  3. Yorick is too strong and needs nerfs

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