Strongest/Best Ascension Champs

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User Info: Bearacudda98

5 months ago#1
Besides the obvious Shaco/Teemo/Master Yi/Ezreal/Sona
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User Info: KajeI

5 months ago#2
Taric is disgusting. I'm like 12/3 with him or something.


Panth is kay depending on their teamcomp.

Kayle, Jax, and a variety of ADCs can be absolutely disgusting if they get Ascended.


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User Info: xVashTS98x

5 months ago#3
Skarner is pretty ridiculous when ascended.
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User Info: Skystrike70

5 months ago#4
Jax, Darius, Singed, Garen are all ridiculous compared to others if ascended
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User Info: supershadonic

5 months ago#5
Maokai and Poppy in 1 team... I don't know how to win against it. Ridiculous tankiness and can still kill things. You're better off surrendering if any of them ascends and has Warmog and SV for the healing back to full.
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User Info: LikesToCry

5 months ago#6
Any tank but then you’re playing a tank. Winning>fun?

User Info: condre

5 months ago#7
K6 is my favourite
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User Info: Kelly14

5 months ago#8
Rammus is a free win tbh

User Info: generalguy64

5 months ago#9
I think Kindred is super fun in this mode.
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User Info: Drug_Smoker

5 months ago#10
Maokai and Rammus are unmatched

LikesToCry posted...
Any tank but then you’re playing a tank. Winning>fun?

It is pretty fun making tweens and neckbeards playing "carries" cry to their waifu pillows after the game. The tanks are the real carries, everyone else is just s***heads.
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