What's the best skin?

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User Info: Chipotlesauce

3 months ago#21
baltoboulbobbi posted...

is that stone cold steve austin?
Why does crows only play s*** champs?- DiamondAhri
Why does goku fight in weighted clothes?- thedarklordx3

User Info: luigi33

3 months ago#22
Mecha Sion so amazing
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User Info: linkblade91

3 months ago#23
LikesToCry posted...
Captain MF or Prestigious LB

Captain MF should have become her new base, when the Bilgewater MF vs GP event was going on.

luigi33 posted...
Mecha Sion so amazing

To quote myself, Mecha Zero Sion is "pretty f***ing sweet."
Nothing alleviates a frustrating day like jazz orchestra. Thanks Cuphead! ...except beating my head against tough bosses adds frustration, so...thanks Cuphead?

User Info: xVashTS98x

3 months ago#24
NoobletXiii posted...
baltoboulbobbi posted...

I thoroughly appreciate this.

This may be the correct answer.
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