What's the best skin?

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User Info: alcaPWNED212

3 months ago#1
What is it
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User Info: BrothaLynshHung

3 months ago#2
hextech annie, then red riding annie, then sweetheart annie, then panda annie, then prom queen annie, then super galaxy annie and lastly goth annie. worst skin ever is normal annie skin

User Info: Gainazzo

3 months ago#3
Sharknado Janna. Futaba Zoe of the ones that actually exist.

User Info: HipsterSora

3 months ago#4
Gentleman Gnar
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User Info: BurritoGod

3 months ago#5
The best back animation is that Chinese New Year anivia skin. I personally really like how the dawnbringer Riven skin looks.
GT: WiestdaBeast

User Info: generalguy64

3 months ago#6
The newest Karthus skin.
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User Info: donotwant

3 months ago#7
fresh skin
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User Info: RJ1771

3 months ago#8
Omega Teemo with all his Vietnam veteran quotes. :^)

User Info: PokemonYoutube

3 months ago#9
Elementalist Lux

User Info: linkblade91

3 months ago#10
Program Lissandra is pretty f***ing sweet.
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