How do you play tank junglers now?

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User Info: onemoment1985

4 months ago#1
This has been my biggest challenge in this new season. Resolve tree seems weak for junglers, and I can clear with it. Anyone else have this problem? I'm trying Sejuani right now, and my early game seems weaker than ever. Given, it was always weak, but now I clear slowly and get really low.

Anyone having more luck than me? I might just be bad with this champion, as I only played her as a secondary last season. My clear route mighy also need changing.

Also, I'd like to avoid trying to play Rammus again. I hate his kit. I hear he's strong now, but still.
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User Info: generalguy64

4 months ago#2
I'd say try running Font of Life or Guardian and try acting as a pseudo support. Granted, that's kind of what I did with Nunu before anyway.
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User Info: ImTheLoneWolf

4 months ago#3
The same you would before. Just get a good leash level 1 and youre set. Get the AoE after cc keystone

User Info: xVashTS98x

4 months ago#4
Aftershock is pretty good. Grasp is good as well.
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