just a hidden gem from the runes

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User Info: Skystrike70

4 months ago#21
multiplicative stacking.
Why is it called 'common sense' when it is so rare these days?

User Info: JCoconut

4 months ago#22
What runes and items do you mean?
There are only two runes right?

Plz list what you build. In my test scenario I could only achieve 2 zzrots

User Info: MhkaCHemistry

4 months ago#23
dennis941012 posted...
KajeI posted...
I'm pretty sure using another ZZ'rot just replaces the old one.

nope i have been using zzrot since its been created with ruby to put 2 of them in map

Mah man.
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Free stuff!

User Info: SirFeed

4 months ago#24
SirFeed posted...
Ruby sightstone (20%), perfect timing (15%), cosmic insight (5%), ingenious hunter (40%
Hardstuck diamond player. ID Oce: Noob (D2) NA: Sir Feed (D4)

User Info: JCoconut

4 months ago#25
SirFeed posted...
perfect timing (15%)

Apparently doesn't help for zzrot.

Ok then it's only cosmic insight, ingenious hunter and Ruby sightstone. Ingenious hunter only becomes good later in game, so zzrot rush and spam won't work probably.
Would have been fun
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