How is Kayle currently?

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User Info: GooberSD

6 months ago#1
How is Kayle lately? Does she work best as a top laner, jungler or mid laner?

Just wondering, since I haven't played her in like three years.

User Info: donotwant

6 months ago#2
Here come dat donotwant! O s*** waddup!!

User Info: Chubbytired

6 months ago#3
Only one tricks care about Kayle. I want her reworked already.
"Too late, chubby-nuts!" - RJ1771

User Info: Zanaki

6 months ago#4
She's acttually really good right now if your sup is a tank.

Get ardents and anything else. Ult your adc = ggez.
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User Info: twfanatic

6 months ago#5
underplayed but cancer in soloq like always

User Info: Gangryong

6 months ago#6
"A man plays a game, goes 8-3 but loses, then blames his inting teammate and you think that of me? I am the one who ints!" - shokan_warrior

User Info: Nemyar

6 months ago#7
buy ardent censer, she get the attack speed + bonus magic damage onhit for healing her allies :^)

User Info: typhone004

6 months ago#8
Fantastic counter to zed mid who is currently most played, and playing her mid doesn't force your team to have a squishy top laner. Her ult is amazing in this adc heavy meta.

She's probably a better top laner overall, but she runs the risk of f***ing up your team comp if your team doesn't pick a tank somewhere else. I like her better as a counterpick mid lane.
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User Info: dkgerbil2

6 months ago#9
I'm unbeaten in games where I can farm to three items but that's not exactly the easiest thing to do in all situations.
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User Info: Chaotic Warrior

Chaotic Warrior
6 months ago#10
Honestly once she gets 3 items she becomes an unstoppable beast... but getting there is the problem. She can easily be countered depending on who you're against. Most AP's beat her in Mid Lane, and a lot of the Bruisers / Tanks beat her in top lane.

But if you can somehow make it to the 3 item mark while keeping up with your lane partner or even winning it. Your chances of winning the game just went up 70%.
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