Who is the least fun champion to you?

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User Info: MizunoRyuu

4 months ago#21
Yasuo by far.
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User Info: Elliotastico

4 months ago#22
dr mundo

User Info: Gadien

4 months ago#23
Any Adc.

Unless I'm building full assassin, get a full combo rotation off before they can get 1 auto attack off. I instantly die to them.

They build no armor, no mr, no hp.

Yet I can't do more than 10% of their HP unless I build full damage.

I hate this class with a passion.

If I could play it I would do so in a heart beat.
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User Info: Nasada19

4 months ago#24
Taric is beyond awful to play as. I get a stun I only really get to land if I'm directly communicating with my partner, a boring weak shield, and a boring weak heal and an ult that's strong, but unsatisfying. Feels like the most passive champ in the game.
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User Info: SystemEgo

4 months ago#25
Soraka & Taric. Not a massive fan of Annie, Nunu or Ryze either tbh.
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User Info: Hippaul

4 months ago#26
There's an amazing new champion sprinter in the town of Alexandria! The sprinter's name is "Hippaul." He's amazing!

User Info: YorickvsRiven

4 months ago#27

User Info: TheSpaceDragon

4 months ago#28
Taric, Soraka, Janna. Pick one, all apply. I'd rather sleep than play those three.
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User Info: scaler24

4 months ago#29
I honestly just play Malzahar because he gets me free wins, but he's so damn boring. Perma push the wave, throw a Q or two in teamfights and either ult the guy diving your ADC or flash ult an isolated target. There's no skill expression in that damn kit.

Ditto for Janna.
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User Info: breakfastramen

4 months ago#30
GT: Gus Plus
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