Ask Riot: Pre-Season Edition Volume 2

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User Info: HipsterSora

6 months ago#11
Ya_dun_goofed posted...
linkblade91 posted...
"How will rune pages work in the new system?"
Basically like the old ones: you get five default pages you cannot edit, two free pages you can edit, and you can acquire more from the store. The biggest difference being that you can edit your rune pages whilst in Champion Select.

So I need to buy rune pages again? f*** that s***.

They might have changed it, but I thought they said before that if you had rune pages bought before they still count in the new system
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User Info: supervegito24

6 months ago#12
So total rune pages = current + 3? Or current + 5? figured it'd be 3 since we already get 2 free ones.
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User Info: LeDieu

6 months ago#13
i really wish these morons at riot would realize giving us useless icons is worse than just giving us nothing.
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