Your favorite champ and why you like them

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User Info: HipsterSora

5 months ago#41
Chipotlesauce posted...
HipsterSora posted...

honestly I don't know anymore. At some point I had fun playing him but these days it's more of a blind love kind of thing that's just been around forever so why stop. He's still fun and stuff in ARAM or Urf but idk in norms I just have a bad experience with him generally.

HipsterSora what is ez's best skin currently?

Visually, SG or Arcade
In General, Nottingham
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User Info: audriuska12

5 months ago#42
Chipotlesauce posted...
I thought you can up with the pun and realised it was too good to pass up.

SendYouToTheMorg as a username?
Only came up with it... eight-nine months ago? Been playing for a few years before that, but Morgana's been one of my go-to picks since about a month after I started.
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User Info: EonmasterX_Jwin

5 months ago#43
Kayn. Scythe.
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User Info: 5tarscream

5 months ago#44
User ID: 4002777
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