The most toxic ADC players main what champ?

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  3. The most toxic ADC players main what champ?

User Info: dkgerbil2

6 months ago#11
Ez players actually do flame often in my experiences, but Vayne players are the worst by far.
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User Info: Skystrike70

6 months ago#12
Why is it called 'common sense' when it is so rare these days?

User Info: Voidgolem

6 months ago#13
Varus, by a lot.

Vayne players tend to suck ass in my experience, not particularly toxic while sucking, though.

User Info: Nightmare_Luna

6 months ago#14
draven ez vayne
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User Info: XelaroC

6 months ago#15


Bullets 4 EVVVERYONEEE C:!!!

User Info: Exterminateer

6 months ago#16
definitely vayne
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User Info: Ineedgold

6 months ago#17
Vayne and a special shout out to Ez being the champ that draws the feeding troll.
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User Info: Chipotlesauce

6 months ago#18
Zanaki posted...
Had a Vayne call everyone children because someone made a star wars joke about someone's name being Skywalker OG.

They went off saying nobody knows what Skywalker OG really is and we're all sheltered because the name has nothing to do with star wars (even though it literally does). They turned out to be pretty good at Vayne but still a douche.

Maybe he was named after one of the characters and gets embarrassed about it.
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User Info: Phatbeast69

6 months ago#19
Draven players are c***y as f*** but usually not that toxic.

Vayne players want to be treated like a god it’s very annoying.

I don’t care about your stipulation Riven players are too toxic to not mention. I’ve seen multiple Riven players ragequit after getting killed once or twice.

User Info: GreatWhiteNorth

6 months ago#20
Draven no contest!

It's like everyone who plays this champ regularly feels it necessary to roll play him in chat...

EVERY Draven I've ever had in a game was a s*** talking d-bag while winning; and/or a crying little b***** that blames his team for everything while behind.

I have NEVER seen a champ so consistently played by A-holes as Draven is!
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