Super Galaxy skins now available.

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User Info: scaler24

5 months ago#1

Getting that Annie skin right away.
"Anything that comes out of Annie that you try and spread on toast just gets you arrested"
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User Info: Azerx

5 months ago#2
already bought nid
Rank 69 Nidalee LolSkill
On The Prowl

User Info: Chipotlesauce

5 months ago#3
I really like the gnar one but I don't play gnar. Also not sure if I really want the annie one.
Why does crows only play s*** champs?- DiamondAhri
Why does goku fight in weighted clothes?- thedarklordx3

User Info: SpunkySix

5 months ago#4
Can I get a loop of Annie flipping into her mech?
Gregg rulz OK

User Info: Deanyzy

5 months ago#5
Terrible skins.

User Info: chobit_A5HL3Y

5 months ago#6
annie is the best one, so i got her lol
i am i.
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