has anyone ever used mobalytics? seems interesting enough

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User Info: TheSaintG

5 months ago#1
"Your builds are quite strange, but somehow you still manage to do tons of damage. Potentially, you could pump out more damage if you were to do some research into what specific items use the power your champion has to the fullest"

i got this bit of advice for top lane where i use morde and the same thing several people (a few from this board) said. just figure other people might find use for it if they are kinda blind to how they are doing

EDIT: youre welcome https://mobalytics.gg/
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User Info: CrowsB4Hoes

5 months ago#2
thanks for the link
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User Info: HamJabroni

5 months ago#3
s*** site
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User Info: typhone004

5 months ago#4
I got it during one of their early private betas, but due to playing in 4k I can't actually view the pregame stuff while the game loads unless I want to quit the game to fix my cursor size. You can't take everything it says post game literally, but it can give you some good information if you interpret why it says the things that it said. For example, I was darius vs an on-hit teemo one game. I played passive as f*** early, fell slightly behind in farm but never died, then wrecked teamfights because I'm darius and they have an on-hit teemo. Mobalytics told me my lane aggression was too low and I could be taking more trades in lane, something I went in game trying specifically not to do.

I might use it again if they ever get their mobile version working so I don't need to worry about it screwing with my 4k.
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User Info: kkeevv

5 months ago#5
It has pretty odd ways to judge your play.
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User Info: dennis941012

5 months ago#6


You must be Aphromoo's twin because you're in all the fights and your positioning is on point.

Who the f*** is aphromoo?

You're the helping hand your teammates need, though your ability to help out your teammates doesn't make up your inability to CS. Take a look at our advice to learn how you can improve your CS!

You might not be the best at securing objectives, but you help your team out as much as possible with all the vision you contribute!

Eh can't disagree with these two I tend to react immediately if I see someone off position and within my range.

Your vision control is up to par with where we want it to be, but you're not using its full potential to help you secure Baron and Dragon.

How can I get control over baron and dragon when enemy jungler is top our jungler is farming wolves and gromp.

You're the underdog in a decent amount of your games. Check out our advice to see what you can do to make those comebacks in more of your games.

Cause too many f*** ups can't win lane by themselves even if I win my lane super majority of the time I have to play catch up helping rest of the baggage around..

You're doing a good job in getting first blood and the first turret most of the time, but you could benefit from some more consistency.

Win lane lose game

You might be one of those teammates that get camped hard in the early game, and despite that, they still fail to play safer to avoid it. Don't be that stereotype, always keep your eye out for incoming ganks.

There is difference between avoiding ganks and getting zoned out till you get turret dove over and over and over from camp. Probably has to do with how aggro I can be on the lane to drop the opposing player off the game.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it," seems to be your motto. You very rarely adapt your build from game to game depending on your opponents.

This one seems to be the only one that is flat out wrong. I do have my go to build paths but they are adapted based on opponents every time. Ludens -> deathcap -> void = fastest spike in the game, Seraph -> RoA/GLP -> Deathcap = best late game scaling, Morellos -> deathcap -> void = mid game focused. I also have 5 pages of mage rune page that gets picked >_>

not really helpful game play wise but still very interesting.
Maybe why I get frustrated so much with the match is because I tend to see everything people do, and seeing people constantly f***ing everything up adds up. Not to mention I always roam more than I farm and when I take risk to help people out and they screw me over by not following up despite all the pings and words on the chat that adds oil to the fire. And since farming jungle that refuses to do anything other than stay in jungle is polar opposite of my playstyle maybe I just unconditinoally hate junglers too.... nah F*** junglers DIE DIE DIE DIE

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User Info: dennis941012

5 months ago#7

You have a gold lead but you're behind in XP. You're killing enemies and denying gold, but you're also missing out on waves of XP from your minions due to untimely deaths, poor back timings, or frequent roaming.

Very true, my aim every match isn't to get myself ahead its to cause enemy to be in worse spot than me.

You seem to be swimming in cash, and you are sharing the wealth with your teammates by purchasing plenty of Control Wards!

Which still do not stop dummies into face checking bushes that showed enemy team 2 seconds ago asdnkjlasndljkasdn

You'd make a great Bankplank, but unfortunately, you're not spending that money wisely. Give your teammates a loan and help with ganks and team fights.

ummm okay?

A perfect picture of Versatility would be you! You're always adapting your items to the enemy composition.

Which is again weird. Its either ardent censor build or locket build for supports >_>

"/all THE COMEBACK" is probably repeated in most of your games by your teammates. Your ability to come back from early game deficits is on point.

Win mid lane = one player ahead one player behind
Win bot lane = two player ahead two player behind
much more salvageable match
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User Info: dennis941012

5 months ago#8
Lastly top since I don't jungle or adc much

You're the saint in your game! You share the gold with everyone, and your top priorities seem to be set on helping your teammates at all times.

What's the point in having good positioning if you're never with your team? Your teammates need you, and you need them. Try hanging around more.

contradicting as hell

You're like a janitor over here sweeping up wards and objectives! Good job controlling vision and securing objectives quickly!

Your ability to survive team fights overall is amazing, you do a great job maximizing your life before you die.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it," seems to be your motto. You very rarely adapt your build from game to game depending on your opponents.

You're the underdog in a decent amount of your games. Check out our advice to see what you can do to make those comebacks in more of your games.

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User Info: audriuska12

5 months ago#9
It actually changes every time I click the same category. More impressive because it contradicts itself at times.
"We can tell you're making an effort to survive in team fights - when you do die, however, you mostly die at the beginning of the fight."
"You're there for your teammates in fights, but you could do so much more with better positioning."
"You're in all the important fights and you're putting out the damage your team needs from you, but your positioning is lacking. Having poor positioning can be risky and you can quickly turn a good fight into a bad one."
Okay, this one has a consistent theme. Though it's usually less me being out of position and more me playing immobile champions so when my team runs off to fight (particularly over walls), they get massacred before I show up.
You're doing a good job at getting ahead of the pack and playing with your team. Let's push it to the next level by using our advice!
My CS'ing is consistently my weakest area by far, so I'm not sure what they're on about here.
"You're staying safe in the early game, and that's paying off for you, but you could work on placing more wards to improve further."
"You're raking in a decent amount of cash and buying a fair amount of wards, but that just isn't cutting it. If you make more early game gold, you can control the map with all of your wards!"
"Your vision control is weak; your enemies benefit from the wards you don't clear. However, you still manage to be there for your team and secure many objectives"
...I almost never buy wards. Get by on trinkets alone.
"Your lack of ganking is made up for by your awesome participation in team fights, but you could always do more for your team by ganking and roaming during laning phase."
Can't really roam if I'm almost always getting outpushed. Morgana may be infamous for her level 5 waveclear, but after first back she's mediocre at best.
"First is not the worst in this case. You're rarely ever getting first blood, and you're inconsistent in how often you get the first turret. Attempt to obtain these objectives more often, and you'll see a significant gold increase to help you snowball."
People also figure out how not to suicide to her when you're coming close to Plat, so the second's a given.
"You've earned the right to say "1v1 me, bro!" You're calculating and careful, rarely finding yourself in a position where the enemy team can take you down solo. At the same time, you're also still able to make a few plays of your own!"
The last one seems to contradict the whole positioning thing a little...
"You must be clairvoyant. Your enemies can't seem to get a grip on you in ganks despite your lack of warding. This isn't terrible, but you could help out yourself and your teammates if you placed more wards."
Don't need to be a clairvoyant, just take Murphy's Law and adapt it to League - "If you don't know where the enemy jungler is and him showing up now would f*** everything up for you? He's in your lane."
"There's a chance that either nothing happens when you die, or things go horribly wrong and you cost your team an objective. Yikes!"
...That seems almost tautologically true.
"You must be playing some sort of fish like Fizz or Tahm Kench because you just keep slipping out of the enemy team's grasp. You're able to survive ganks and any pressure your lane opponent puts on you during laning phase! Maybe we can learn from you?"
Mostly by giving up attempts to carry the game on my own because I'm either counterpicked or the enemy team's #1 Most Wanted.
TBC in another post because character limit.
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User Info: audriuska12

5 months ago#10
"You have a great knack for being there for your team at most fights, keep it up!"
Yet my team is so rarely there for me...
"You're the saint in your game! You share the gold with everyone, and your top priorities seem to be set on helping your teammates at all times."
Correction: I'm easy to steal kills and farm from, and too busy trying to get things done to take the time to yell at freeloaders. Same end result, I suppose.
"You're consistently great at playing around objectives, and your teammates probably love that. The only thing is, you're not putting down any wards. A lack of vision can lead to you or your teammates getting caught out by the enemy team and losing the objective."
I can have a good if unverified guess where the enemy is, or I can split off from my team (who won't protect me while warding) and then have a definite answer to "where's the enemy team" in "dancing on my dead body".
"You have many losses that could've been comebacks, but you weren't quite able to pull it together. With the use of our advice, you could learn what you can do to improve your chances of turning those losses into wins!"
I know they could've been comebacks. Now if only my teams had listened to me instead of raging at each other...
"You could use some work and tighten up your play so that you're strong in all phases of the game."
""If it ain't broke, don't fix it," seems to be your motto. You very rarely adapt your build from game to game depending on your opponents."
Not much room for adaptation in champs I play. Tanks and to a lesser extent bruisers have versatility, but mages tend to be a lot more one-dimensional in their builds.
Which is worse, ignorance or apathy?
Don't know, don't care.
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