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User Info: Skystrike70

6 months ago#1
Alright guys so I caved and bought chemtech trynd from my shop so I have some leftover RP that I wanna gift in the form of a mystery skin, since i already have 1 skin for my champ and don't really have a use for the rest. After I gift this mystery skin I should have exactly 5 rp left so woot.

Anyways so for this contest, I want you guys to come up with a simple concept (dont have to include numbers, but list abilities and a description) for a cowboy-themed champion and link me a good old country song to go with it. Whoever makes the post I like the best wins.

People who are disqualified from winning this contest, but may still participate:
-people on my ignore list
-@PokemonYoutube because he already has all the skins

edit; I am also willing to gift a specific 750 skin you may want instead of a mystery one.
edit2: There must be at least 4 participants by closing or the contest will be scrapped and I will try to do something else.

The contest will close Sunday at noon and I will announce a winner. Go!
Why is it called 'common sense' when it is so rare these days?

User Info: LeDieu

6 months ago#2
gift me sol on my smurf. i'll boost


User Info: Skystrike70

6 months ago#3
LeDieu posted...
gift me sol on my smurf. i'll boost


only got 795 rp my man
Why is it called 'common sense' when it is so rare these days?

User Info: xVashTS98x

6 months ago#4
Good luck yall!
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User Info: HipsterSora

6 months ago#5
Can it be a cover of a country song that isn't sang in a country-fashion?
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User Info: Skystrike70

6 months ago#6
HipsterSora posted...
Can it be a cover of a country song that isn't sang in a country-fashion?

I like country, so if it's in a style I might not like, then no. i get extremely triggered by pop and rap.
Why is it called 'common sense' when it is so rare these days?

User Info: HamJabroni

6 months ago#7
Passive: Wild Frontier - Cowboy's most visited parts of the map allows him to mark them as his territory. Being in his territory heightens his health and mana regeneration. Not being in his territory makes his CDs reduce at a faster rate.
Q: Fan the hammer - Cowboy switches to and shoots his pistol in a direction, piercing and marking enemies if he hits them. Shooting marked targets lowers the recharge time of Fan the hammer and does additional damage. Max Charges: 6. 2.5/2/1.5/1/0/0.5s CD
W: Cowboys throws his lasso, snaring the first target hit. Can be used while moving and does additional damage to monsters and minions.
E: Epona - Cowboys calls for his horse Epona, giving himself a movement speed boost as long as Epona is active. Epona has limited stamina that is consumed when moved and can be used to sprint to use even more stamina. Taking damage while on Epona drains her stamina and lowers the movement speed bonus.
R: Deadeye - Cowboys gets on Epona for 10 seconds, eliminating her stamina costs and increasing Fan the hammer's range to 800. During this time, Fan the hammer gets unlimited charges and has it's CD halved. Fan the hammer does full damage to all targets hit and hitting a target with multiple shots allows Cowboy throw his Lasso without missing, automatically snaring the target.
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User Info: Skystrike70

6 months ago#8
dont forget the song. i want to see what gamefaqs can come up with.
Why is it called 'common sense' when it is so rare these days?

User Info: generalguy64

6 months ago#9
Name: Clyde, the Lawbringer

Marksman champ

Passive: Bandit - Dealing damage to an enemy champion steals a small amount of gold (based on level) and lowers their AD and AP. Has a 15 second cooldown per champ.

Q: In Pursuit - Fires 6 bullets in rapid succession. Can move while casting, but can't change direction of the shots.

W: Dust Storm - Throws sand in a cone in front of him, dealing damage, slowing targets and causing Nearsight (Same effect as Graves' smokescreen) to anyone facing him.

E: Retribution - Passive: Enemy champion with the highest killing spree is marked. Killing or assisting in the kill grants Clyde bonus gold and stacks of bonus AD, up to 10, which reset upon death.
Amount of gold and AD per stack increases with skill level.

Active: Randomly selects a new Retribution target

R: Lawbringer - Clyde greatly reduces his movement speed and channels for up to 6 seconds, locking onto nearby enemy champs he has vision of. Upon reactivation or a completed channel, deals damage to all locked on champs based on channel time and target's missing health. Deals true damage to Retribution target.

Song: Who the f*** listens to country? I never listen to country, so here's one of the few songs I know of.
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User Info: RJ1771

6 months ago#10
Skystrike70 posted...

-@PokemonYoutube because he already has all the skins

Just as a heads up: you've gotta remove the "-" in front of your call-out in order for it to work. :^)

Anyways, I'll give it a go:

Name: Shane, the Wanted Man.

Six-Shooter: Shane's revolver holds six shots. After six AA's, Shane must reload. More AS = faster reload and bonus CDR.

Quick Hands: Shane uses his hand to rapidly brush the hammer of his revolver and fire off all remaining rounds in it. The last shot is a guaranteed crit.

Passive: increases the bonus reload speed he receives from AS, amount increases per rank.

Dead Eye: Shane focuses his aim, greatly reducing his MS and AS for 3 seconds, but also increasing the range of his AAs and abilities as well as providing bonus AD. %AS debuff is reduced per rank, bonus AD increases per rank scaling with AD

Trick Shot: (Skillshot) Shane takes aim for 1 second and fires a bullet. If the bullet hits a wall or obsctrution it ricochets off in another direction (a 2nd skillshot arrow shows the angel of the ricochet if the first shot is aimed at a wall or obstrution, but only the first time) and striking the first target in its path. The bullet can ricochet up to 1/2/3/4/5 times. Damage is increased by 10%/20%/30%/40%/50% per ricochet. If the bullet ricochets 5 times before hitting an enemy, it's a guaranteed crit and slows the enemy. The skillshot and subsequent ricochets each have a set range.

Damage scales with AD.

Call Trail Blazer: Shane lets out a sharp whistle, calling his horse to him (the horse spawns in a random spot at a set distance away from Shane, each rank shortens the distance the horse spawns from him). Upon reaching Shane, Shane mounts his horse and gains a large amount of MS for 6 seconds. During this time, Shane can lock onto enemies and attack while moving. The bonus MS from this ability is not affected by the MS reduction of Dead Eye.

If the horse is hit by any attack or ability on its way to meet with Shane, it is frightened away and the ability goes on cooldown.
The power of this champ would be balanced by being very mana-hungry.

And here's your song:

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