Bramble vest is a good buy

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User Info: bossvinny

8 months ago#1
it sucks as an whole item imo but it stops snowballs.
if your losing lane buy this and bami cinder and just farm. the enemy will not be able to kill u anymore.

nerf! pls riot
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User Info: OshawottGuy4

8 months ago#2
I mean, it looks like they're going to increase the buy price by 300, which will probably really set me back as a Rammus.
Right, I'll do you for that.
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User Info: shadow99226

8 months ago#3
It's like hexdrinker.

Completely gamebreaking in certain matchups, but kind of terrible past laning outside of that.
"Never Forget Sona 6/30/13"
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  3. Bramble vest is a good buy

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