how many of you have played for 3+ seasons and aren't diamond or higher yet?

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  3. how many of you have played for 3+ seasons and aren't diamond or higher yet?

User Info: LeDieu

5 months ago#1
i just want to collect some data for an upcoming topic. Please include whether your an onetrick or not and current elo.

User Info: HamJabroni

5 months ago#2
does playing for two weeks in s4 and then stopping for a year+ count at 3+ seasons?
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User Info: Veggeta X

Veggeta X
5 months ago#3
Sometimes playing so long kinda tarnishes your skill or that you've actually hit your limit.
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User Info: kkeevv

5 months ago#4
been playing since s1. gold V since s3. Never been interested in getting better than that, because I only care about the victorious skins.

Also, inb4 LeDieu's next topic gets modded.
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User Info: AllGodsDie

5 months ago#5
Plat 4 atm, honestly have more ranked games combined this season than all other seasons combined, been playing since before season 1. I use to just play ranked 3s with friends where we regularly faced diamond and master players. I always did well in lane against opponents who were supposed to be way better than me, I was just a silver scrub in soloqueue.. I'm fairly confident that I easily could of climbed if I just sat down and played ranked, but I always had anxiety of having to deal with feeders, afks, and the likes so I barely ever played soloqueue and I would quit after one loss. I also had no interest in ranked before the new champ select came live, it sucked having to fight for your role in something that would determine your stats. I think I'll try to hit diamond this season though, finally comfortable spamming through the garbage of soloqueue.

User Info: Elliotastico

5 months ago#6
I turned super casual after grinding deep into diamond in s4. Since then I farted around to try and hit plat every season... I think im just gonna give up this season and claim my free victorious skin. Im too washed up to quickly hit plat and I dont have the time I used to have

User Info: RHCP777

5 months ago#7
Played since end of season 3, diamond 5

User Info: Mastadi

5 months ago#8
Played since late season 2, started ranked s3 and I've been in gold ever since, tho I only play ranked up to gold for the skins

I used to play a variety of champs and roles but now I'm one tricking vel'koz since I haven't been playing much and gotten rusty. Gold III
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User Info: YoukaiSlayer

5 months ago#9
Played since S3, never been higher than gold 1 but I only played a total of 20 ranked games before last season. I usually only play for a week or two before quitting for a few months.
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User Info: twfanatic

5 months ago#10
me although i barely played in s6, playing since s4
current elo p3 75 lp xd (got demoted 2 weeks ago and pretty much gave up till this meta creeps away cuz 80% of my champ pool i like playing sucks) peaked plat 1 earlier
not onetrick
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  3. how many of you have played for 3+ seasons and aren't diamond or higher yet?

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