Best champ when behind?

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User Info: generalguy64

5 months ago#1
IMO, Singed. He's so simple and dumb that regardless of how he does in lane, he'll always have some use as a disruptor by being tanky, flinging people to the backline (Fling is honestly one of the best CCs in the game.) and just running around like Singed is supposed to do.
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User Info: Not_Endgame

5 months ago#2
Blitz can still do his job (Granted, he probably won't survive long) regardless of how much gold he has
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User Info: ImTheKing

5 months ago#3

User Info: Gobb

5 months ago#4
ImTheKing posted...

not sure if sex joke or serious

but i disagree with you @TC
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User Info: shokan_warrior

5 months ago#5
Dawn riven
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User Info: KajeI

5 months ago#6
Anything with significant range if you wanna do damage, otherwise most real tanks.
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User Info: bossvinny

5 months ago#7
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User Info: Skystrike70

5 months ago#8
Tanks r terrible when behind, because they do no damage and need gold to get tanky. without gold they just blow up.
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User Info: HipsterSora

5 months ago#9
blitz's things is getting pulls regardless of if he's behind or not

swain doesnt die
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User Info: HamJabroni

5 months ago#10
Tanks because tank items are cheap and provide tons of utlity in teamfights. They only explode if the ADC is fed. Sejuani and Rammus can be 0/5 at 10 minutes but as soon as they pick up Cinderhulk and half of knight's vow, they're more useful than 5/0 Kha'Zix

HipsterSora posted...
blitz's things is getting pulls regardless of if he's behind or not

swain doesnt die

Swain sucks ass when he's behind. No damage to one shot or sustain his healing, no tankiness to withstand being in auto range of an ADC since he has no healing, no CC except for a s***ty root, and if his RoA was delayed, no mana to keep his ult on.
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