Warding Guide: How to Beat Junglers Before They Beat You

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User Info: linkblade91

6 months ago#31
Unless I'm not spotting the differences, you posted the same shot of mid-lane four times. Seems excessive lol
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User Info: Gobb

6 months ago#32
you guys just made crows permanent on this board until gamefaqs dies 100%

i'm proud of you croze, good topic
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User Info: aHappySacka

6 months ago#33
A sticky on this board? what is this blasphemy?
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User Info: SirFeed

6 months ago#34
crows has been stickied
what have we done :0
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User Info: twfanatic

6 months ago#35
Just want to add this about junglers going through a wall: some the wall-hopping abilities have high costs in form of cooldown (and mana but since junglers will almost always have blue by then that's irrelevant). A Vi Q, Reksai W or Gragas E have 18 seconds cooldown (Reksai even has 22 i think but not sure). It's thus a pretty uncomfortable spot to be in sometimes as you're losing quite a bit of time and are a sitting duck in case enemy jungler discovers you, and can't really do anything if the laner wards your bush.
Thus, many junglers will often try to wallhop over baron/dragon pit thus giving them more time for their cooldowns to come back up while they walk to lane. In that scenario A1 and A3 wards are still very useful. It's hard to guess which scenario of these will happen but i am pretty sure significant number of junglers do this.

User Info: Ridelwofr

6 months ago#36

If Tier 1 mid is down, where are the best places to pink and yellow ward?

User Info: scaler24

6 months ago#37
Does the old, knowledgeable Crows come to Earth every eclipse or something? Damn.
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User Info: ImTheKing

6 months ago#38
Well gg

User Info: CrowsB4Hoes

6 months ago#39
dennis941012 posted...

also does no one around here start with red trinket as mid?

why the hell would u start red trinket???
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User Info: CrowsB4Hoes

6 months ago#40
i see two mistakes in the guide but its a good thing i cant edit my own guide so that's cool
2017 GameFAQS LoL 1v1 tournament winner
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