How do I stream my provisionals

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User Info: Skystrike70

6 months ago#1
Maybe I can get 2 simultaneous views if people wanna see how I play. How do I actually do it? I haven't tried and am on my phone, just thought maybe I'd see how to do it.
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User Info: Legendary_Riven

6 months ago#2
There's a helpful tutorial on their website. You can pm me if you are still unsure.

User Info: DuuuDe14

6 months ago#3
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User Info: kkeevv

6 months ago#4
OBS is free and fairly easy to set up.
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User Info: Cucumberflant

6 months ago#5
I use OBS studio (though I don't stream league), it's really easy to use even for a dingus like me. I'm not entirely sure on the difference between studio and classic OBS though.

just keep in mind you need a decentish internet upload speed to avoid it looking like a bunch of pixelated vomit, although you can honestly get away with a lot less bitrate than most people would suggest. I can stream low quality games like Binding of Isaac just fine at a pathetic 450 bitrate (have an upload speed of ~0.6 mbps) and people honestly tell me it looks great, but something like league will probably need more than that since there's a lot more detail and more stuff going on.

I only mention the internet speed 'cause I think I've seen you complain about yours in the past, but I don't remember if it was better or worse than mine.
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User Info: baltoboulbobbi

6 months ago#6
post your upload speed and CPU if you need help with the OBS settings

User Info: DiamondAhri

6 months ago#7
high tier tryndamere mechanics

User Info: JaggiJumper

6 months ago#8
I would 100% watch
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User Info: ImTheKing

6 months ago#9
Twitch. I was thinking about streaming an unranked to Diamond atleast a few times where people can join for atleast up to Plat. But I'm unsure as I'm not shy but just not that talkative lmao.

User Info: Skystrike70

6 months ago#10
Should I include my voice or just gameplay? I would be trying to explain my thought process so I seem like less of a potato of a player.
Why is it called 'common sense' when it is so rare these days?
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