Nasus support into Kalista?

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User Info: PokemonYoutube

8 months ago#1
IIRC, Wither absolutely f***s Kalista up. Then proceed to poke her down with your E (which also lowers Kalista's armor for your ADC)

It sounds decent in my head, but is it actually any good in-game?

User Info: AnubisGhost

8 months ago#2
Sounds decent for laning phase but worthless after that.

User Info: iAku

8 months ago#3
Nasus has mana issues, wither has decent cd, kalista can Play it like you Play out exhast go in bait it out kite back abuse cooldown by going back in pressuring engange.

armor shred is now % so its less effective early on.
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User Info: kkeevv

8 months ago#4
Nasus support WITH Kalista, on the other hand...could be really good, because she supplies him with a gap closer. Or just Nasus in general and Kalista goes without a pair during laning.
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User Info: Un_Dieu

8 months ago#5
if you like trolling, yeah
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User Info: madcat7673

8 months ago#6
there's an item called qss and a summoner spell called cleanse
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User Info: UnderwaterAir

8 months ago#7
It's absolutely horrible.
You do alright during the laning phase but without any damage from you, unless the Kalista horribly overextends and gets caught in a gank you have no real damage to ever really kill her.

If she plays it safe into the midgame the moment she gets a QSS you become worthless to the team.

Your wither does nothing, you have no Q stacks, you have no gold to become the tanky monster that you should be by the mid/late game.

All you have for your team then becomes withering an enemy caught out of position or if they situationally have someone that has no gap closers to engage like a Garen or something. And you can provide decent tower support with your aoe for when they are pushing it.

Basically, unless you're against bronze and silver players, don't do it.

User Info: donotwant

8 months ago#8
Un_Dieu posted...
if you like trolling, yeah

I would cry if my supp locked in Nasus.

In my head I just see fights over CS...

Me: Stop killing my f***ing creep
Nasus: I need stacks thou
Me: I cant afford items because you are robbing me blind
Nasus: Report ADC for feeding
Me: JG isn't ganking, wtf
O s*** waddup!! Here come dat donotwant!

User Info: SergeantGander

8 months ago#9
I trolled my way through Silver to like Gold 3 on a smurf playing a lot of Zhonyas + Rylais E max nasus support lolz
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