How should Cait + Vel vs MF + Lulu play out?

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  3. How should Cait + Vel vs MF + Lulu play out?

User Info: Ridelwofr

7 months ago#1
I was the MF and lost lane hard. They would constantly harass me while my Lulu would stand behind me and only shield. She would never harass with her Glitterlance or Polymorph.

Was I bad, was Lulu bad, did we have poor synergy, or was it just a bad matchup?

User Info: aHappySacka

7 months ago#2
At a glance I'll just say all of them. Lulu is an aggressive support that has early kill potential if ignite is brought in, otherwise he should have just picked Janna.

With your own Q spam you both should be able to return some of the damage they put out but if either of you gets hit by Vel'Koz E then you risk dying if Cait can place a trap under you but otherwise the match is not favourable unless the other side sucks.
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User Info: Gainazzo

7 months ago#3
There's not much Lulu can do since she can't get into W or Q range in that matchup. I'd say it's pretty impossible for the two of you to do anything except let them push and hope for ganks.

User Info: shadow99226

7 months ago#4
Hard to say. I agree that Lulu should be going full aggro 9 times out of 10, but both of those champs outrange her. Cait is particularly hard to harass as Lulu compared to other ADCs. If they positioned perfectly away from her, then shielding is all she can really do. But she should have been positioning aggressively enough to discourage them from getting close enough to you to be landing harass easily. If they were landing max range harass on you, then it's your fault.
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User Info: Chipotlesauce

7 months ago#5
@supercoolisaac what is the correct answer?
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User Info: dennis941012

7 months ago#6
sit back shield mf
and farm it out
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User Info: Ridelwofr

7 months ago#7
shadow99226 posted...
If they were landing max range harass on you, then it's your fault.

I mean, can you really avoid Caitlyn's autos? Her traps also reduce the space I had to avoid Vel's abilities.

I actually play Brand and Vel support and whenever I get paired with Cait I find it to be an easy lane unless one of us gets hooked.

User Info: Tekutso

7 months ago#8
Cait and vel will bully early with range, post 6 mf and lulu can all in and win so long as you didnt feed. Lulu just has to morph vel when he ults.
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User Info: HamJabroni

7 months ago#9
Cait and Vel should win imo. 0 way Lulu should be able to get in range to poke without eating a EWQ>Trap combo. Post 6 shouldn't be any different
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User Info: supercoolisaac

7 months ago#10
Cait + Velkoz should win? Sort of depends how good the velkoz is at hitting his s*** and how many Q bounces they take from MF. Definitely in their favor though.
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