IYO: what rank are you and what rank do you THINK deserve?

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User Info: Un_Dieu

8 months ago#1
please state the division if the rank is the same ex: D4 and you deserve D3.
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User Info: Not_Endgame

8 months ago#2
I'm Challenger 1 KR and I deserve Challenger 1 KR. Get on my level kidoids.
Legitimately not Endgame
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User Info: twfanatic

8 months ago#3
P2, deserve D5 if i could play only top lane with jungle games thrown in here and there but top lane is dumpsterfire useless role so i'll need hundreds of games to climb solo, and that is if i had steel nerves and never tilt cause of how much this game sucks. P2 at jungle lower at everything else. Can play kassadin mid if he wasnt perma'd, refuse to play shieldbot supports, im not good enough at taric to win vs bot lane mains, i suck at adc cause i never play it except lucian who is average.

tell me how to quit with coming here regularly and talking to best friend who is same elo (so i feel like a loser standing away if he's grinding) about the game all the time.
p2 hardstuck trashbag

User Info: generalguy64

8 months ago#4
Silver 3 and could probably make it to Gold 5, which is really all I'd be aiming for, but:
-I hate ranked
-I can't trust my internet
-I get tilted way too easily, which is easily my biggest problem in this game
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User Info: kkeevv

8 months ago#5
Silver 1 now. Gold V.
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User Info: HamJabroni

8 months ago#6
G3, P4. Considering I'm switching from jungle to ad though, Maybe not
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User Info: Legendary_Riven

8 months ago#7
im gold 4 right now but i think i can at least get plat by the end of the season

User Info: Azerx

8 months ago#8
i am diamond 3 an in a vacuum i think i could play reasonably well in nidalee in high d2 low d1 atm but getting there having to play off roles is the issue

i have my loss streaks and all but when im playing like myself i havent had issues against d1/masters smurfs in my games like this dude https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=forareason
Retired for the season, peak d2 promos

User Info: SonicJetWave

8 months ago#9

I haven't been playing much ranked because my new ISP is horrendous so I just troll in norms mostly and a ranked game every 2 weeks so I don't decay. I did win 6 of my last 8 ranked Malz games so maybe d5 if I brushed off some of my rust and got Malz mid every game

Feels like I'm really bad on my off-roles tho

User Info: BurritoGod

8 months ago#10
Silver V I'm sure I could make it to a higher silver ranking but I'm not sure where.
GT: WiestdaBeast
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