How many games do you get in per week?

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User Info: dennis941012

6 months ago#11
zero to over hundred depends on how much I have time to binge
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User Info: linkblade91

6 months ago#12
Lately? Like three or four. I've been focusing my attention on work, Hearthstone, Overwatch, and some other things. Over the past month or so, my League games have been far more stressful than enjoyable. Part of it is on me, certainly, as I've been trying (and failing) to get better at Kayn and Riven. Hopefully Ornn will improve my mood.
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User Info: ssj4supervegeta

6 months ago#13
2-3 on workdays, either 0 or 10-15 on days off, depending if i feel like playing or not.
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User Info: FreshSushi

6 months ago#14
Like 3 a day when climbing

0 once i hit d, whats the point of even playing when sht next season is gonna be all new and broken

Ever since they killed 5v5 teams theres really nothing to do in this game anymore
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User Info: aHappySacka

6 months ago#15
My laptop is dying and thus my games are getting with lag spikes that last over 10 seconds at a time so I haven't really bothered lately.
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User Info: DarkSoulsJunkie

6 months ago#16
Sometimes very few, sometimes I'll sit down and hammer out 20 in a day.

It's weird because it seems to be the case for most people. The mood for League is a fickle thing.
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User Info: CrowsB4Hoes

6 months ago#17
NEOhawk-Curse posted...
Sadly, I only get to play maybe 5 games per week these days.

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User Info: chobit_A5HL3Y

6 months ago#18
i used to play 4-5 games every day when i was really into it. now i might get in 4-5 every week lol i still think it's fun but i always think, "i don't feel like wasting my time losing today", so i end up doing something else a lot of the time now~
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User Info: Revives

6 months ago#19
14, twice per day. I'm a full-time student and I work 16 hours over the weekend.

User Info: Zanaki

6 months ago#20
Lately about 4 or 5.

I've been playing a lot more rocket league, but I'm sure I'll be back eventually. My friends and I are close to our peak so it's only a matter of time before we quit.
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