How many games do you get in per week?

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User Info: NEOhawk-Curse

7 months ago#1
Sadly, I only get to play maybe 5 games per week these days.
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User Info: Tekutso

7 months ago#2
Too many lately...
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User Info: YorickvsRiven

7 months ago#3
Around 10

User Info: TheSaintG

7 months ago#4
Tekutso posted...
Too many lately...
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User Info: DepictingMenace

7 months ago#5
Usually a couple handfuls. But I haven't played in a couple months (due to moving). I'm waiting to burst back into it. Just to lose.

User Info: generalguy64

7 months ago#6
Depends. More than I should usually, but I tend to have time. Though I have been playing a little less of this game lately since redownloading Paladins.
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User Info: donotwant

7 months ago#7
Too many other games to play that don't make be hate myself (subnautica VR, DS3). I degraded to casual ARAMs with my cousin... sooo 3-4/week... When will I hit plat?
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User Info: Sir_RaZZo

7 months ago#8
I'd estimate 15-35 ish
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User Info: supervegito24

7 months ago#9
Starting 7 days ago? Probably close to a hundred, but that's only because of urf. The week before I was at 30 max.
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User Info: HusbandoTiger

7 months ago#10
About 3.
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  3. How many games do you get in per week?

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