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User Info: Maid_of_Ice

2 years ago#1
She really isn't that bad. She's just notorious for being the "support" that all the crying mid laners play because they never got their role. They don't even appreciate the value of vision, found within an item called ~~Sightstone~~. Anyways, I'm here to share my personal experience with Lux support and my builds!

In most scenarios, this is my normal build. It has decent damage, utility, and heals for the team!
Eye of the Watchers -> Boots -> Dark Seal -> Redemption -> Athene's -> Locket.
Upgrade Dark Seal whenever possible, and upgrade boots to mobis whenever you see fit.

In scenarios where I've picked Lux and I'm EXTREMELY ahead, I go traditional AP support akin to Zyra. Also scenarios where my team has no AP.
Eye of the Watchers -> Boots -> Dark Seal -> Luden's Echo -> Rabadon's -> Zhonya's or another AP item.
This build is extremely squishy and doesn't provide much for the team besides the death of your enemies. If your ADC absolutely NEEDS peel, do not go this build route please.

Dark Seal is an extremely safe item on her because of her innate long range to keep herself safe. However, if you know you aren't going to get assists or kills, try and replace it with something else. Pure AP is better if you're struggling to replace it.
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User Info: Dartkun

2 years ago#2
I appreciate she's something cute to look at while we get our faces bashed in.

User Info: Skystrike70

2 years ago#3
I appreciate the effort...I guess.
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User Info: MachDragon

2 years ago#4
this thread should be empty

because nobody appreciates lux support
shameless plug

User Info: WafflesHotDamn

2 years ago#5
Stop this at once this has been cancer for at least 4 seasons

User Info: supercoolisaac

2 years ago#6
she's terrible, dont even try.
IGNs: supercoolisaac, Sky City 3, Lerthyr. Season 7 Diamond 4 100lp
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User Info: aHappySacka

2 years ago#7
I appreciate her when I'm alone at night.
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User Info: TheGhostOfLocke

2 years ago#8
supercoolisaac posted...
she's terrible, dont even try.
dead game

User Info: GrandDart

2 years ago#9
Lux support will never ever be taken seriously by anyone that is higher than Gold. She is absolutely terrible as a support (traditional utility build) and as a "support" (Sightstone then full AP).
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User Info: GooberSD

2 years ago#10
TheGhostOfLocke posted...
supercoolisaac posted...
she's terrible, dont even try.
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