Harrowing skins teaser (lil devil teemo!)

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User Info: JsTn

1 year ago#1
I actually love the teemo skin
Thank you, I am faker

User Info: Somnium

1 year ago#2
They are...amazing
You live and lose who you are, or die with your convictions.

User Info: _Hippowdon_

1 year ago#3
dude satan lmao
How embarrassing

User Info: Supp1

1 year ago#4
Teemo now has a Satan skin. I'm getting the Morgana skin.
<3 Soraka, Janna, Sona, Nami, Lulu, Kindred, Syndra.
Lamb grilled with my secret sauce and then eaten in between two large slabs of bread.

User Info: 122988

1 year ago#5
bruh, Just threw money at my screen with that teemo skin...
I'm tired of fighting for my friends.....

User Info: GooberSD

1 year ago#6
Those are actually awesome. Haha the Teemo one made me laugh haha

User Info: -Beyonce

1 year ago#7
These skins are so good!
Let me guide you

User Info: Maid_of_Ice

1 year ago#8
I thought Tristana was so pale skinned, turned out she's just a white cat. Totally buying the Morgana skin!
"We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love."

User Info: WerewolfClaw

1 year ago#9
Still won't get them.
More than meets the eye.

User Info: Neo-Violen

1 year ago#10
A much better batch of skins this year than last harrowing.
"Amateur hour."
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  3. Harrowing skins teaser (lil devil teemo!)

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