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User Info: Pale_Heart

3 years ago#21
First Champ Ever: Ashe
First 6300: Ahri

That's all I remember.

User Info: PrizmSlash

3 years ago#22
Garen, Akali and Katarina. I didn't really understand Akali being new and not having a rune page for her also hurt. I got her because I saw my friends getting carried by her in a 4v5 game and she was doing what Akali normally does when she gets fed.

User Info: Brady672_AT_fan

3 years ago#23
My first buy ever was Ashe, but I don't really count that because for some reason I thought I had too lol.

I would say my "first" buy was Fiddlesticks, and I used him mid until I found out what jungling was.
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User Info: DarkerGrey

3 years ago#24
I bought Ashe, Master Yi, and Ryze at the same time, because every other 450 champion was boring IMO.

Then I got Katarina, who I refunded so I could buy Talon. To this day, he's one of my mains and probably the only champion who I got to master.
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User Info: audriuska12

3 years ago#25
Brady672_AT_fan posted...
I would say my "first" buy was Fiddlesticks, and I used him mid until I found out what jungling was.

Heh, good old Middlesticks. I actually picked him in ranked last season too, as a counter to all these Katarinas in low Silver.

User Info: ThunderCavalier

3 years ago#26

This sig will self-destruct in 3.... 2.... 1.... Thank you for your time. Cookie? ^_^
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User Info: Techino10

3 years ago#27
Ashe and Sejuani.
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