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User Info: DefendsPandas

8 years ago#1
I'm just wondering to see how bad I am. I'm guessing it goes like this:

Jungle - 60 CS/ 10 mins
Top - 75 CS/ 10 mins
Mid - 85 CS/ 10 mins
ADC - 60 CS/ 10 mins (if support starts relic shield). 80 CS/ 10 mins (if support doesn't start relis shield).
Support - 25 CS/ 10 mins (if started relic shield. Making the ADCs CS 85/ 10 mins.) if not started relic shield then IDK.

What do you guys think?

User Info: Zedonra

8 years ago#2
Those numbers are probably only accurate when it's a hard lane, surely they'd get more than that when they're winning lane and have their jungler gank/show for pressure.
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User Info: Mahlazer123

8 years ago#3
Amazingly, pro players actually get lower cs than you would expect, since they're laning against people that know how/when they can punish their opponent for trying to cs. The question you should really ask is how much cs you would be able to get laning against a good player.

User Info: Pyrizzla

8 years ago#4
Normally I try to outcs my Lane partner at least and being at least top 3 cs in the room.

I don't set targets because whenever I watch pro streams it's all Dependant of how the lane is. Sometimes my cs is low due to an extremely aggressive Lane and vice versa
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User Info: negative4

8 years ago#5
I think you should only care if you have more cs than your opponent in lane. What's the point of having 75 cs in 10 minutes at top if your enemy has 75 cs in 10 minutes too? You just want to have more gold than them and be able to bully them out eventually and turn a small lead into a substantial one.
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User Info: Voidgolem

8 years ago#6
Getting almost every creep per wave puts you in the ballpark of around 100 cs/10 minutes, IIRC.

User Info: Tekutso

8 years ago#7
CS is situational in every game, there is no static number or you're bad, despite what the baddies on this board say.

That being said if you are left to free farm for the first 20 minutes the max you can get is like 230~, but that's without ever leaving lane. In a game with not much action where the laners are actually staying in lane CSing you should end up with around 160-200 @ 20. Every game is different though.
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User Info: MetroidOmni911

8 years ago#8
I dont like that pro player cs comparison because they don't always get many kills in games. I've seen games where they have 200 cs in a short time but no kills but how many games have you been in where you have 5 kills and 100 cs...kind of evens out honestly.

User Info: ZhaRnotczar

8 years ago#9
I usually see 70-80 cs by ten minutes if it's a fairly even lane. 90-100 if they're dominating,50-70 if they're being dominated without any help from the jungler.

User Info: DefendsPandas

8 years ago#10
Well. I always usually have more CS than my lane opponent. But it's that that hard to out farm most players who only have 50 by 10 minutes. It was just more of an interest type thing. I'm not worried about me getting that much.
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