So, wait... Nidalee's spear....

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User Info: Gun Sage

Gun Sage
5 years ago#31
Some people will walk into a spear at shorter ranges if they know they can't dodge it just to reduce the damage slightly. Pouncing away will help you gain damage in those situations.

As the ability implicitly states though, it caps at 2.5x damage. You cannot get it higher. Two friends and I just tested this to see if it was possibly using thresh lantern, Flash, and pounce.
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User Info: PhoenixNine

5 years ago#32
Bhellium posted...
can my dream of one-shotting an adc finally come to pass?

I used to do this with Farmplank, once I attained the status of Critplank.

For the topic at hand, the damage from distance bonus has a cap, which is max throwing range.
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User Info: Xelltrix

5 years ago#33
From: zeppelin312 | #003
I thought this was common knowledge

User Info: BurnumMaster

5 years ago#34
Shannon232 posted...
From: Nazgl5LordofNaz | #028
Shannon232 posted...
From: HyperShadow4321 | #012
Doesn't the scaling of the damage from distance only go up to a certain point? I'm not sure how far you would have to be for the "max" damage though.

From: Knight_Of_Order | #018

Actually it doesn't the "cap" is how far you can generally move before it will hit, but if you flashed into thresh lantern it would do more damage.
Source: 400+ games with Nidalee.

Are you sure? Because the ability specifically states a maximum scaling...

I'm 100 percent positive. Phreak even states it in the lcs vods if you want to watch them.

They say wrong stuff all the time.

User Info: infinitexx

5 years ago#35
I knew it calculated at the time of impact, but I was under the impression that the damage had cap, which is apparently now being disputed.
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