What is most effective Jax's first big item?

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  3. What is most effective Jax's first big item?

User Info: Stalky24

5 years ago#1
*title* - Results (211 votes)
Trinity Force
21.33% (45 votes)
27.01% (57 votes)
Blade of the Ruined King
51.66% (109 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Bonus question:

which one of the Gunblade/BotRK provides better sustain?

User Info: cautionifeed

5 years ago#2

User Info: Gogito4

5 years ago#3
Blade of the broken king.
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User Info: aiiirik

5 years ago#4
Gunblade outsustains BotRK by far on Jax.
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User Info: OmfgitsBlah

5 years ago#5
Gunblade has better damage and sustain, but botrk is fotm so you should fit in and be cool and popular and build that.
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User Info: Eclipse008

5 years ago#6
I've been building BotRK due to the current health-stacking trends (especially on other top-laners), but I think I'll try going back to Gunblade just to see what happens. Sometimes theorycrafting can't predict that an item will be amazing, you just have to try it out.

In season 2 Phage or Sheen >> Cutlass >> Triforce >> Gunblade was a solid build in most situations, but then riot made BotRK.

User Info: TyrekeEvans13

5 years ago#7
Lane Jax Gunblade
JungleJax Ruined King
The King of Kings

User Info: AgentReborn

5 years ago#8

User Info: Beech_tibs

5 years ago#9
cautionifeed posted...
a lot of people are sheep so they won't believe a champion is strong until a pro says so

User Info: XxAzerothxX

5 years ago#10
Triforce is best.

The ASPD is beneficial for his triple strike passive;
The health makes his resistances /so/ much more beneficial because while you may be harder to kill with your ultimate alone it isn't enough to have resistances without hp; hp and resistances is the best way to make sure you don't die when you dive onto the carry and one cannot forget about how the AD and AP from the item also improve his ultimate.
The mana is useful when roaming, harassing in lane and makes you overall more useful in any case;
The AD and AP, while mildly negligible, is useful especially considering the plus ASPD of his passive and the triforce itself and it improves his ultimate;
the crit chance is always useful to have and might even save your life once or twice;
the movement speed bonus is INCREDIBLY potent [nothing can escape you with your 'q' and the MS increase].

Everybody saying anything that isn't Tri-force doesn't know what Jax wants and benefits most from. Jax doesn't need an uber slow because he has a gap-closer on a low CD, he'll have the slow proc from tri-force, he has an easily landed stun and the triforce directly and indirectly [his ult] tankier. It's the best item for him to start off with ESPECIALLY considering its lower cost.
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