Name a Flaw: Day 7 - The voice acting

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User Info: OpforALLAHJIHAD

5 years ago#21
Rumble is voiced by the guy who voiced Daggit from Angry Beavers, Zim from invader Zim and Billy from Billy and Mandy.
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User Info: mantana888

5 years ago#22
themagicpainman posted...
Very little champion-specific interactions.

No Storm Spirit.

/end topic

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User Info: SpinAsbel

5 years ago#23
I can't complain about most of the voice actors, most of them are amazing. Doesn't mean voice acting as a whole is great. Riot tends to obsess with some sort of filter for a lot of the unearthly champions thinking it'll make things diverse. It ends up coming out so forced most of the time. Then there's also a lack of quotes and interactions. I can understand why older champions only have a minute long voice session but newer champions should at least hold out more than 1/5 of the time that Dota's heroes do.
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User Info: Blarg92

5 years ago#24
CloudandYuffie posted...
Do you guys forget that sion is in the game. Almost all his voice clips are references to arnold.

Can't tell if this is a pro or a con...
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User Info: LazyKenny

5 years ago#25
Early champions only having around 5-ish lines.
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User Info: Divinewargod

5 years ago#26
I never knew so many people disliked Caitlyn's voice acting.

I'm quite fond of her lines "I'm on the case." and "Wanna see a hat trick?"

In fact, every time I play Caitlyn and start a match, I always type I'm on the case in /all chat.
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User Info: sonic_rockz

5 years ago#27
The voice actors are extremely talented but it feels so squandered with this game, oh well.
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User Info: Z-911-Z

5 years ago#28
From: LazyKenny | #025
Early champions only having around 5-ish lines.

Pretty much the reason I always use Nunu Bot over his other skins. I refuse to hear "Don't make the yeti angry, you won't like him when he's angry" five times every minute.

It's a shame too, because I'd love to use his Oscar The Grouch skin.

User Info: Doc_M

5 years ago#29
That every line out of Jarvan's mouth isn't "DEMACIAAA!!!"
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User Info: lvl99link

5 years ago#30
From: Z-911-Z | #018

- Nasus
- Gangplank
- Draven
- Shaco
- Nautilus
- Skarner
- Viktor
- J4
- Rammus


- Annie
- Vi

- Caitlyn

For the most part, it's good.

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