Who is your favorite AP top?

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User Info: Herostratus_

5 years ago#11
Teemo pls
LoL IGN: Yossarian42

User Info: Twidger

5 years ago#12
Vlad just to stomp singed

User Info: 13loop

5 years ago#13
Luster_Sly posted...
From: Frost_shock_FTW | #003
Disregard crappy list, choose Swain.
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User Info: Zjakz

5 years ago#14
singed and swain missing lol
some would argue malphite and teemo

User Info: Thalandor46

5 years ago#15
Akali, personally, but I tend to suck with most traditional tops.
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User Info: Earthbound360

5 years ago#16
You have AP Jax and Kennen but you don't have ChoGath, Singed, or Swain?

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User Info: Lithsp

5 years ago#17
Out of those, Rumble.

But try tanky AP Taric top. Completely melts face.

User Info: CrackMaster_21

5 years ago#18
I only play Rumble or Vlad, Rumble if im 1st picking, Vlad only as a counter pick.
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User Info: InNox534

5 years ago#19
Cho, I don't like aiming Rumbles R, I guess I could turn off smart cast, but w/e.

User Info: Grey_Asakura

5 years ago#20
cho cho aint even listed
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