What role do you absolutely HATE playing?

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User Info: Gokotsu

5 years ago#11
Jungling. My lack of experience playing this role makes it difficult for me to play. Trying to play it makes it difficult because I'm usually the target of blame for my lack of experience. Lose/Lose.
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User Info: Lord_Woobie

5 years ago#12
I hate jungling, but I desperately want to learn how to do it better.

I love going mid, but I always either own face or get owned.
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User Info: JhayCee

5 years ago#13

Because it's the most popular role, so I have never got a chance to practice top.

User Info: ikilledkenny2

5 years ago#14
jungler because i love laning

User Info: Noblesse_

5 years ago#15
Top. As much as I love top lane characters, I hate laning phase as top.
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User Info: angermngment101

5 years ago#16
For me its jungle. I cant jungle for crap.

User Info: LChaos2

5 years ago#17
Don't like jungling.
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User Info: ShadowD00m

5 years ago#18
Bot lane completely, I hate playing both roles.
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User Info: shadyelf

5 years ago#19

Bad at teamfights :(

User Info: FvP

5 years ago#20
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