Holy s***, son. Season 3 is here in style.

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  3. Holy s***, son. Season 3 is here in style.

User Info: LittleGreenMen3

5 years ago#1

Dat trailer.

I'd have to say, Riot really seems to be developing a flair for trailers, going by this and the ones for the Season 2 championship. Tell me this doesn't get you pumped for the upcoming epic matchups about to take place.

Also, that new official lolesports site looks legit. No more having to contend with crappy MLG 'pay $15 to unlock HD' streams to get your fix.
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User Info: Vnfemmefatalis

5 years ago#2
Reminds me of QWOP.
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User Info: Lord_Woobie

5 years ago#3
Sorry, I can't think the trailer doesn't look corny. : /

But woo Season 3!
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User Info: Edgemaster70000

5 years ago#4
God, they even run like dorks.
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User Info: Beech_tibs

5 years ago#5
watching nerds run

and comedy ensued
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User Info: KarmicDragon1

5 years ago#6
Ugh. Why always #¤%&ing dubstep.
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User Info: Painthawf

5 years ago#7
Beech_tibs posted...
watching nerds run

and comedy ensued
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User Info: Stalky24

5 years ago#8
Painthawf posted...
Beech_tibs posted...
watching nerds run

and comedy ensued

User Info: Blizzard09

5 years ago#9
Beech_tibs posted...
watching nerds run

and comedy ensued

Being a gamer does not someone a nerd...
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5 years ago#10
I couldn't take that trailer seriously at all. I love video games, and I love watching pro matches, but every time they show the players and I realize I'm watching nerdy socially awkward kids (not every pro, but a lot of them) I question what I'm doing with my life.

Please Riot, show off the game in these trailers and if you have to include the players show some highlights of them celebrating a win or something. Don't make them try to look SUPER DUPER CEREAL then start running for no reason...that was just awful.
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  3. Holy s***, son. Season 3 is here in style.

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