Dat zonya's nerf.

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User Info: kourkour

5 years ago#1

Dun' care if it's zhonya's!
"stereotypical internet guy" -Fuzzy_Blanket

User Info: Airsoftcomeback

5 years ago#2
Holy s*** that item combine increase
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User Info: the_rowan

5 years ago#3
League of Assassins, man.

Just build Warmogs on your mid instead.
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User Info: Dota2

5 years ago#4
http://i.imgur.com/qd9BZ.gif http://i.minus.com/ibqT7AjmGivMpB.gif

User Info: SongstressCela

5 years ago#5
...What the f*** Riot.

User Info: TheTrueAmerican

5 years ago#6
Something tells me this was to help coddle Ezreal even more. Everything in League is done to make things easier for Ez players.

User Info: FlameLord23

5 years ago#7
wow... that's huge...

Most people went Zhonya's later. Now you are almost required to start it early.
"All of a sudden there are useless topics on gamefaqs. Oh wait, that's all the time." ~Try_Harder_Nubz
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User Info: I_HATE_HALO

5 years ago#8
the_rowan posted...
League of Assassins, man.

Just build Warmogs on your mid instead.

You would think that's a joke but in the qualifiers this is often a reality....

User Info: Z-911-Z

5 years ago#9
With that price, you're probably better off getting two warmogs.

User Info: Reaper_Minion

5 years ago#10
I lol'd.
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